Calorie Counter:

Following a healthy lifestyle does not require that you count calories.  However, as you learn more about eating the right foods, many people find it helpful to use a calorie calculator to better understand the food they are currently eating and the calories they carry. The link below will help you to establish a baseline of calories needed to maintain your current weight. Keep in mind that there are many other factors which affect this, so this should serve as a starting point for you.


Calorie Calculator


Basal Metabolic Rate:

This provides the baseline of your BMR.  Other factors to consider are your body composition, current activity level, gender, and age.


Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator


Body Mass Index:

Body mass index is the relationship of a person's weight to their height.  The National Institutes of Health define underweight, normal weight, and overweight according to BMI.  A BMI of greater than 27.3% for women and 27.8% for men is considered overweight.  A BMI of 30% indicates obesity.  Note this calculator is for adults.


Body Mass Index Calculator


Heart Health:

How old is your heart?  What is your risk of suffering heart disease in the next 10 years?


What is the Age of your Heart Calculator


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